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A product that actually works

I purchased this and it works for me!This product was very effective in cleansing the pores and helping with acne. I have been using a couple times a week and have had no adverse reactions and can tell a noticeable difference in my skin. If you are looking for a product to really help cleanse your pores, reduce clogs, and make your skin smoother, this is it. -Janine Thompson,United States

Awesome stuff

This EELHOE™ green tea mask is the only product that has eliminated blackheads as promised on my very porous, blackhead covered nose! I am beyond pleased with the results and will be purchasing this regularly for the rest of my life. It deeply cleanses and clears as promised, unlike anything else I’ve tried prior. -Melissa Lody,United Kingdom

Best product for blackheads and acne

This product works the best of all that I’ve tried. It helps with the blackheads and acne. And after using it my skin feels nice and taut. I’ll be buying more! -Stacey Corbett,Australia